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  Q: Do I need to bring my own supplies?

A: You can choose to have a lash kit provided for you, or you can bring your own supplies. If you wish to bring your own kit, please refer to my class information for a full list of supplies you will need.


Q: I already do lash extensions, will this class benefit me?

A: Yes! Just like anything else, continued education is always a good investment. This course focuses on speed, detail, client retention, business, marketing, and more. I am confident that my skills will help you improve as a lash artist!


Q: Should I go to school before I take a class?

A: The state of Utah requires a license in order to practice eyelash extensions. We recommend taking a lash class to see if lashes are a good fit before embarking on full licensing. If you decide that you love doing lashes after taking this class, you can go to school to get licensed and legally practice them. If you finish a lash class and decide that lashes aren't for you, you can find comfort in knowing this 2 day class was a much smaller investment than going through school.


Q: Can I be in school while I take a class?

A: Yes! You can learn lashes in or out of school.


Q: Does this class give me a license?

A: No. This is an eyelash education course and you must attend esthetician or cosmetology school to obtain a license.


Q: Do I need to be licensed to take a lash class?

A: You can take a class and learn how to do eyelash extensions, but in order to charge clients for lashes and/or work in a salon doing lashes you need to have a Cosmetology/Barber license or an Esthetics license.