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The 101

The 101

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This glue is most suitable for the advanced lash artist. It is fast drying and very dark black with outstanding retention. This glue dries in just 0.5 seconds making it easy to work quickly and keep your fans open. Expect to see your clients every 3-4 weeks using this glue. Shelf life unopened is 6 moths, shelf life opened is 1 month.

*Because this glue dries so fast, it is important to keep the nozzle clean to prevent the lid from gluing the bottle shut. When shaking, hold the bottle upright by the lid and shake side to side (do not shake it up and down). Squeeze out bubbles before putting the lid on to ensure a clean nozzle. Always store in an upright position. 



Best if stored at humidity level 50-60%

Best if stored at temperatures from 59-68°F

For long-term storage: Keep the glue standing upright and in the refrigerator (37°F). Take the glue out of the refrigerator 1-2 hours before using.